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      Quanzhou Desai Machinery Co., Ltd. is the undercarriage parts technical background, a joint venture company, was founded in the winter of 2009. Desai team main research bulldozer undercarriage parts, delve into the new undercarriage parts raw materials, machining, heat treatment process, after more than three years of technology innovation, create a "DSF" "Win people by virtue,The match quality" for the brand development strategy. Quanzhou Desai Machinery Co., Ltd. from the emergence of the Chinese market, based on the world!
       Desai undercarriage parts factory area of over 3000 square meters, more than 100 employees, annual output of 50,000 sets of production capacity. At present, the company mainly through the production orders under the foreign trade companies, increasing foreign trade companies to our satisfaction. The future development of the business of the Company will vigorously promote the "DSF" bulldozer in the foreign market visibility, optimal quality, best price concept to serve foreign customers more trust Desai DSF brand. Believe the strength of our Desai!  


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